Business Clients

“I really believe that the pilot counselling project has gone very well and it is a service which is desperately needed for our clients.  The service has helped all of the people who have taken part to really moved forward with their lives.” Henshaws, Trafford Park

Private Clients

“I just want to say thank you so much. You were with me through one of the most difficult times of my life and you were my rock. I can honestly say that because of your support, my life is back on track.” CS, Manchester 2012

“I felt comfortable as soon as I met Suzie, She put me at ease and had a really calming manner. I’ve been able to see my life from a different perspective through this period of counselling and I feel that I have got the real me back, thank you!” TD, Cheshire 2013

“Thank you Suzie for being right there with me when I needed a crutch so badly. You held me emotionally and allowed me the safety, comfort and reassurance so that I could explore my darkest places that I had buried for so long. I can honestly say that finally I am free of the heaviness of carrying around these secrets and the feelings they left with me. I feel physically lighter, I feel emotionally clearer and I finally believe that I do deserve to be happy, I can achieve the life I aspire for and I am lovable, just as I am……” VP, Manchester, 2014