Skype Counselling

Therapy doesn’t have to happen face-to-face. The most important thing is finding the right time and the most comfortable way of speaking to a qualified counsellor in confidence.

Whether you feel more relaxed in your own home, have difficulty travelling or have limited mobility, skype can offer a perfect way of removing the potential stresses around a face-to-face meeting by giving you the support you need in a flexible way.

What you need

Skype is an easy way of making a free video call through the internet. So, all you need is a computer, a decent broadband connection and a skype account.

I always start with a 20 minute setup session for new skype clients too. That way, you can test it out, have an initial chat with me, and make sure it’s something you feel comfortable with from the very beginning.

If you’re not already on skype, visit the site to follow the easy steps to set an account up, or contact me to find out more.