Employee Counselling

Providing your employees with the confidential space to make sense of stresses and worries offers an invaluable way of increasing engagement and motivation in the workplace.

This investment can make a huge impact to the bottom line of a business, through encouraging a nurturing, caring work environment, making staff feel valued and respected.

How it works

I always aim to work flexibly with my clients, so I start off by tailoring a bespoke package for your business.

I can work from my counselling rooms in Chorlton, Manchester or Lymm, come to you if you have confidential rooms available, or if physical space is a concern, I can counsel your employees over the phone, or on skype. So, you can get the support you need for your business in a way that fits in with you.

Once we’ve decided on where the meetings will take place, I’ll start by having an initial chat with your staff to find out a little about their personal challenges and expectations. From there, sessions will usually run weekly with regular progress reviews. And I always send through all the documentation you need for HR purposes, whether that’s full records of attendance, or satisfaction surveys.

To find out more about the kinds of issues I can help with, visit my personal counselling page, or simply get in touch to have an initial chat.