Employee Wellness

A productive workplace starts with happy employees. Yet mental illness can make a big impact in a business, and it’s still widely left unaddressed.

Mind’s “Taking Care of Business” study reveals that one in six British employees suffer with mental health issues every single year. And this impacts the UK’s economy through symptomatic effects like sickness and staff turnover, by a huge £26 billion annually.

As an experienced workplace counsellor, I offer one-to-one employee counselling, mental health audits, staff training and mindfulness sessions. Each approach is geared towards your business and the employees themselves, to effectively empower your workforce and get the best results.

Employee counselling is an invaluable way of managing people’s mental wellbeing. These simple steps give staff the space and the confidence they need to work through stresses and challenges in a confidential and supportive way. And it’s this investment that can really make the difference when it comes to making employees feeling valued, motivated and engaged.

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