Dancing my way into the day!

I’d been told about these early morning sober raves and was intrigued to find out what they’re all about. Getting up at 5am on a Wednesday morning to get ready to go dancing felt a little bit strange and walking into a busy club at 6.30am, to be met by a woman head to toe in sequins, with a bubble gun was not the usual start to my morning, but I embraced it and got straight onto the dance floor!

These morning events encourage people to come together, to have fun and to express themselves, without alcohol or drugs. As well as dancing, there’s yoga, massage, juice bars and healthy snacks.

The combination of the music, dancing and the atmosphere created by lots of smiling, friendly people couldn’t help but make me feel good. I noticed whilst I was there that everyone seemed so happy and this feeling was infectious. After dancing for 3 hours, I left with a big smile on my face, feeling energised and motivated for my day ahead.

The event got me thinking about how music and dance can elevate our mood and how events like this offers a healthy and fun outlet for people who may be struggling emotionally. Morning Gloryville supported World Mental Health Day in Liverpool, sharing the value of their events.

“Morning Gloryville is an early morning sober rave, but the real value is in keeping healthy in mind, body and soul; building a community who can support each other through the highs and lows. We have received a lot of feedback describing how Morning Gloryville has helped people through depression, periods of grieving, anxiety, or low self-esteem.”

If you can’t get to one of these events, how about using music as part of a positive morning ritual. Research has found that listening to music releases the feel good hormone, dopamine. So by listening to positive, uplifting music you can kick start your day in a good mood.

Start off by creating a playlist of music that inspires you, motivates you and is fun. It can be lively or relaxing, it doesn’t matter what it is as long as it fills you with positivity.

When you wake up in the morning put on your playlist while you get ready for the day. If you feel uninhibited why not sing along? Singing is a great way to shift the vibrations of our thoughts and help promote mental & physical relaxation.

Pay attention to how you feel after a few minutes singing? Do you feel lighter? Perhaps you feel your mood shifting? Are you ready to take on the challenges of the day?

Have a little dance around the house, dancing is an incredible way to lower stress and relax the muscles in your body. You’ll receive the benefits of both physical exercise and the uplifting power of music. I’d love to hear whether this worked for you.


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